Digital & Analytics

Digital strategies and data-driven business models are at the top of our customers' agendas. To ensure an integrated approach, we bundle our digital skills, experts and IT tools in VectorSM.

With VectorSM With this platform, not only our customers are among the winners of the digital age. We also offer employees unique conditions to apply and develop their digital skills in a state-of-the-art working environment.SM In addition, the platform offers our own people unique opportunities to apply and develop their digital skills in a state-of-the-art working environment.

In order to continue to grow, we are specifically looking for experts in design, software development, digital marketing and advanced analytics who develop innovative products and services together with our customers with passion and pioneering spirit in interdisciplinary teams. In addition to direct entry into a specialist position, classic consultants with an interest in programming, machine learning, advanced analytics or digital marketing also have the opportunity to deepen their knowledge in these areas. Within the framework of time-flexible rotations, you can focus on data-driven projects.


Our FRWD team supports customers in optimizing their marketing approach in the digital age and digital commerce. 200 experts worldwide from areas such as digital media, digital search, digital analytics and ad-tech analyze marketing campaigns, develop strategies and identify optimization opportunities for sustainable sales growth. FRWD thus contributes to the long-term development of structures, processes and skills at customer companies related to data-driven marketing.


Our Advanced Analytics Group (AAG) is a global team of experts. You are familiar with state-of-the-art technologies and tools and use your analytical skills to develop solutions for our customers with challenges in the areas of data science, data engineering and operation research. The Advanced Analytics Group helps companies build the right analytical skills and capabilities, and make better, value-added decisions based on analytical insights.

Product Design and Innovation

Our Advanced Digital and Product Team (ADAPT) is a global team of digital experts, whose specific mission is to help clients accelerate their digital transformation. Working as product managers, product designers and software developers, they apply concepts such as design thinking and agile approaches to develop innovative solutions, validate prototypes, and translate prorotypes into scalable digital products and services. The European ADAPT team is based at our innovation center in Berlin: the Bain Digital Discovery Hub.