At Bain, we offer you maximum flexibility in shaping your professional development. We want you to be able to build a sustainable career for yourself while continuing to pursue your personal passions.


What will the future of work look like at Bain? Based on our cutting-edge concept Work@BAIN 2.x the new ways will officially continue after the pandemic. Benefits for Bainies include individual work models and an even closer collaboration on the team – both on-site and on-line. For maximum personal leeway, we combine the amenities of the office and the merits of face-to-face meetings with mobile and virtual working options. You decide what’s best for your current situation  just like Lily, a consultant at the Munich office. 

At project kick-off, we jointly decide on a work approach that suits everybody on the team.

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You want to pursue a topic close to your heart, go back to university, or simply spend more time on personal interests? We offer a range of leave options.

  • Get your MBA or PhD from a renowned (international) university.
  • Choose our Experience Track to collect new impressions. For instance, some of our colleagues have decided to serve as an assistant teacher in Nepal, work for a marine conservation NGO in the Maldives, or take language or sports courses at one of their favorite spots around the globe.
  • Choose our Fast Track to boost your career.
  • What’s more, you can take an extra two months’ leave of absence – in addition to your regular leave – to travel, spend time with your family, or serve on a charity project.

Deciding for or against pursuing a PhD degree directly after the master's degree? Not that simple. This is why our consultants can take a two-year time out doing the so called PhD leave. In the Studydrive podcast, consultant Ilias talks about the advantages and his personal reasons for deciding to take this opportunity. Sounds interesting? Here, you can listen to the podcast!


Be it for family, personal or career reasons - with our BainFlex program you can create the long-term freedom you need. Our Bainies Veronika and Mareike show insights here how this can look like.

  • At Bain, part-time models are possible any time, and will be adapted to your specific needs.
  • Should you want a break from client projects, we’ll find an internal role you can fill, even for an extended time period.
  • We specifically support parents in finding the right balance for themselves, balancing their consulting careers with family life. With paid family leave in excess of statutory entitlement, you’ll enjoy even better financial support and more precious time with your newest family member.
  • Generally speaking, our project-based business offers a huge advantage compared to other jobs: After taking a leave, you can pick up right where you left off.


Most newbies at Bain start as generalists. This allows you to acquire a broad range of skills and knowledge from various industries. In project assignment, we’ll do our best to accommodate your personal interests, passions and preferences. As you grow in seniority, you’ll also have opportunities to specialize further. Last but not least, there are various options to gain international experience: Many of our projects involve assignments abroad or working on international teams. We also offer temporary inter-office transfers.

Your options

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